The Causes of Dog Bites

Jun 08

Dogs are common pets. But there is one disadvantage of having too many dogs in the neighborhood – the risk of dog biting accidents increases. It is good news that, according to the website of Habush Habush & Rottier S.C. ®, those who have been hurt in animal attacks such as dog biting have legal options, such as trying to get compensation for the damages.
It is reassuring that the legalities are on the side of victims, but why do dog bites happen anyway? They happen mainly because of three primary reasons. One, the dog has been provoked. Two, the victim has been reckless. Three, the dog owner or the property owner has been negligent. If you are filing a lawsuit, it is much easier to win if your case involves the third reason, especially if you did not do anything wrong.
Usually, this negligence of dog owners and property owners come in the following forms:

  • Failing to supervise the dog
  • Failing to tether the dog
  • Failing to ensure that the dog is tethered in a durable object
  • Failing to choose a tethering spot that is inaccessible to others

The first and second reason often go together. You can do reckless things that can provoke the dog. Of course, it is still possible that the dog owner or the property owner are held accountable, but you should not be going around and provoking dogs in the first place either.
Below are some of the things that dogs may find provoking, and they may respond by biting:

  • Intentionally or unintentionally hurting the dog, such as stepping on its tail
  • Running or other intense activities around the dog, as they may trigger hunting instincts
  • Trying to get its possessions, like food and puppies
  • Trying to get its master’s possessions, such as those in burglary instances

To avoid dog biting accidents, it is also important to know the physical signs that a dog is about to bite, such as the following:

  • Deep growl
  • Raised fur
  • Showing of teeth
  • Showing of the white of the eyes
  • Stiff body

In short, all parties should be responsible to avoid dog bites. Dog owners and property owners should make sure that their dogs are not going to attack, or at least not be able to reach their possible victim when they try to attack. Possible victims should also not try to provoke the dog and stay away, especially if the dog involved doesn’t know them.

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You may be Eligible to Receive SSI Benefit

Mar 01

The Social Security retirement benefit, disability benefit and death benefit are given by the Social Security Administration (SSA) to its insured members. These are individuals or employees who have worked in jobs covered by Social Security and who have earned the number of credits required by the SSA (these credits are earned through payment of Social Security taxes which are identified as “FICA,” that is, Federal Insurance Contributions Act. Payment is automatically deducted in employees’ monthly take home pay).

Disability benefits are paid to members (who have sustained total, permanent disability) through the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program. SSDI, which the SSA introduced in 1956, is one of the two largest programs of the U.S. Federal government (the other is the Supplemental Security Income or SSI, which was created by the SSA in 1974).

Supplemental Security Income (SSI), specifically, is designed to provide cash benefits to:

  • Disabled adults with limited income and resources;
  • Disabled children who are below 18 years old and who have limited income and resources; and,
  • People 65 years old or older who may be without disabilities, but who meet the financial limits set under the federal benefit rate (FBR).

SSI benefit is also meant to help provide for its recipients’ basic needs, such as food, clothing, and shelter (under the SSI program, some legal aliens are also considered eligible to receive the cash benefits).

The word “disabled,” as defined for SSI purposes, means physical or mental impairment, (including emotional or learning problem) that:

  • Has lasted or is expected to last for a continuous period of not less than 12 months
  • Results in severe functional limitations (in the case of children) or in the inability to perform any substantial gainful activity (in the case of adults); and
  • Can be expected to result in the disabled person’s death.
    The words “income” and “resources,” on the other hand refer to:

Income: this refers to money earned from work; money received from Social Security benefits, Workers Compensation, the Department of Veterans Affairs, unemployment benefits, friends or relatives; and free food or shelter.

Resources: things a person owns, such as: cash; bank accounts, U.S. savings bonds; land; vehicles; personal property; life insurance; stocks, and whatever can be converted to cash and used for food or shelter.

For this reason, the Social Security Administration provides income support through various programs to Americans with disabilities who struggle to make ends meet. Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is one such program that has played a substantial role in helping disabled children, adults, and their families across the country.

SSI benefits are available to those living on low incomes, who are aged, blind, or suffer from a disability, with sometimes increased benefits for families to help provide a level of support that more accurately matches their needs.”

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Can A Pedestrian Be Held Liable In A Car Accident?

Oct 23

When it boils down to a pedestrian vs a car in an accident, the usual assumption is that it is the driver of the vehicle who was at-fault. The usual notion is that the automobile should have yielded to the pedestrian’s “right of way.” According to the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), motor vehicles kill more than 4,000 people every year and injure over 70,000 pedestrians.

According to the website of Karlin, Fleisher & Falkenberg, LLC, pedestrians who get involved in a car accident can suffer from physical injuries, pay tons of medical bills, and a long term recovery. The truth of the matter is that pedestrians can also have some liability in a car accident. There are certain instances when the pedestrian will not be able to collect damages for the injuries they incurred and here they are:

  • Jaywalking or crossing in the middle of the street outside of a crosswalk
  • Crossing against the traffic signal
  • Entering a street or highway while intoxicated
  • Walking along highways, bridges, or causeways where pedestrians are strictly prohibited

But while a pedestrian is partially to blame for causing an accident, it is also likely that the driver of the vehicle can also be partially at fault for the collision. Let us say that a pedestrian was jaywalking but if the driver has been driving at a safe speed or is distracted, who will be held liable for the accident? There are different states that adopt shared fault situations.

When it comes to accidents involving vehicles and pedestrians, there are two principles that govern determination of liability. In comparative negligence, the pedestrian receives compensation from any at fault party. However, the amount of damages can be reduced by a percentage equivalent to their share of the liability. Contributory negligence, on the other hand, removes any chances of receiving damages if they were deemed partially at-fault with the accident.

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Jun 20

Despite going into a marriage with the best of intentions, sometimes divorce is inevitable and the overall best option for all parties. However, just because it’s the best option doesn’t mean that it will be easy. In the United States, grounds for divorce are separated into two main categories: contested and uncontested. Oftentimes the difference between the two is the amiability between partners and how well they can come together to dissolve their marriage and divide their assets.

Contested divorce is by far the most painful, expensive, and emotionally taxing. This occurs when the two parties cannot come to an agreement about any number of things concerning the separation of their union–this can include finances, child custody, property, etc. When this occurs, the divorce must be heard by the court and ultimately the judge decides the outcome of the division of marital assets.

According to Holmes, Diggs & Sadler, in cases like this couples have options. Mediated divorces can be extremely beneficial in order to avoid unknown or arbitrary settlements. The two parties employ the assistance, advice, and resources of a third party in order to reach an arrangement that is universally beneficial and does not favor one client over the other. Similarly, in a collaborative divorce, the two parties use their attorneys to assist them in making informed and professionally supported decisions. While these attorneys cannot further represent their clients in the court, the process of collaboration usually facilitates better communication between the two parties and allows them to approach an uncontested divorce settlement to present to the judge.

Uncontested divorces are infinitely easier due to the fact that the two parties come to court with a pre-agreed upon proposal for the separation of property, finances, and child care. In certain cases, couples are eligible for a simplified divorce, also known as a “simple divorce” or “summary divorce.” This allows couples who meet various criteria–including less than five years of marriage, an absence of children, and limited property and financial assets–to easily and inexpensively end a marriage.

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Why Give Bentonite Clay to Your Pets?

Feb 15

Pelotherapy is the term used to describe the use of clay and earth to help relieve and treat physical conditions and aid in maintaining healthy digestion. Among the many healing clays, calcium bentonite clay is one of more popular one being marketed and used by the greater public. It is widely used as treatment for a number of digestive problems, especially when all conventional options have been exhausted. Aside from detoxifying the body, calcium bentonite clays remove parasites, treat infections, and act as a great supplement to a host of health issues. It is important to always consume plenty of water, especially if bentonite clay is being consumed. According to the National Institutes for Health,  drinking eight 8-ounce glasses of liquid a day may help prevent constipation.

The holistic benefits that can be gained from using calcium bentonite clay has even caught the attention of NASA, where they are researching about its use a prevention and remedy for osteoporosis for astronauts and even animals and yielding positive results. The main reason for the effectiveness of calcium bentonite clay is its compact amount of minerals that attract the positive-charged ions in the body and binds with it to make cleansing quick and simple. In order to get the best results, make sure to introduce the calcium bentonite clay to your pets in small amounts to prevent rapid detoxification that may lead to loose stools. Make sure that you consult with your veterinarian first before giving the healing clay to your pet to avoid any adverse effects to your pet’s medication or diet.

Animal owners who believe in the natural health benefits of Earth’s Natural Clay and would like to use them as supplements for their pets should understand that not all made equal; there are clays that are of lower grades and can carry unhealthy impurities that are often not under strict regulations. If it is not safe for human use and consumption, then don’t give it to your pets also. Likewise, clay should only be used and taken in a solution; avoid inhaling the clay as it may irritate your lungs.

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