Basic Information on Drug Possession Laws

Sep 06

All across the United States, drug-related crimes are consistently met with harsh punishment and very steep penalties. As the website of Cape Cod drug crimes lawyer James Powderly notes, thousands of people are charged with misdemeanor and felony offenses for violations of the strictly-imposed drug laws all over the nation. Among the violations that authorities are constantly on the lookout for is the possession of illegal substances. Depending on the amount an individual is found carrying, a drug possession charge can lead to several consequences that are sure to leave impactful effects.

Drug possession is the term generally used to refer to an individual’s willful possession of illegal substances with intent to use for recreation, distribution, or sale. Carrying any amount of drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine can be met with expensive fines as well as a significant prison or jail sentence. It is important in this cases to know your right while also being aware of the sometimes big consequence that follow being charged with possession.

While the laws of different states will have some variations, penalties for drug possession is usually determined by the amount or quantity of drugs that an individual is found carrying. Those found with smaller quantities will likely face less stringent punishment than those found with significant amounts of illegal substances. Some states also have laws that recognize that there are certain substances considered to be more dangerous and addictive than others. As a result, possession of highly-addictive drugs such as heroin is also expected to meet harsher punishment. The website of Kohler Hart Powell, SC points out that possession of heroin is considered a felony in Milwaukee, punishable by up to $10,000 in fines and 3 and half years in jail.

The punishment is even more severe for members of the military. In addition to the regular civilian penalties that will be imposed to them, they will also face additional penalties imposed by military courts. A Fort Walton Beach military arrests lawyer would specify that military personnel charged with drug crimes can face reduction of rank and imposition of extra duty. These penalties are in addition to any civil problems that such a person may end up with after being charged with a drug crime.

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