Basic Information on Yachting and Its History

Sep 02

Yachting is a hobby enjoyed by many Americans. The yachts used by today’s enthusiasts have state-of-the-art designs, allowing for a more streamlined operation. On top of that, yachts now have plenty of luxurious amenities and add-ons, proving that hobbyists can experience maximum comfort while enjoying their time out on open water.

Top-of-the-line models offer large interiors that can accommodate several passengers at a time. Sometimes, these models can also come with several bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as spacious kitchens and dining areas. Modern-day models also come with technology that allow for more reliable navigation. All in all, yachting enthusiasts can enjoy their time fishing and taking part in other activities while having access to the same level of comfort they have in their own homes.

These advancements are a far cry to how yachting used to be. Before the last several decades, yachts were simply known to be vessels that are light and fast enough for the many sporting purposes they were used for. These yachts were typically about 10 meters up and some dozens of meters wide. They were also made out of mostly wood or steel. Today, variations such as ‘cabin cruisers’ and ‘super yachts’ are available to enthusiasts, made with a wider selection of materials—fiberglass being the most common. Cabin cruisers are usually luxury vessels that are smaller than 12 meters. Meanwhile, super yachts are twice the size of regular yachts at about 24 meters.

The hobby of yachting owes much to the Dutch that were first to device a small, fast-sailing vessel originally meant to help them pursue pirates in more shallow water. As a matter of fact, the term “yacht” finds its etymology in the Ducth word for “hunt.” By the seventeenth century, yacht-like vessels were also used to transport royalty and other high-ranking personage from larger ships to the safety of the shore.

As the centuries have passed, yachts have become primarily used for recreational fishing and sailing due to their lithe size. With the advancements in sea vessel technology available today, yachts are much sturdier and efficient than ever before.

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